Stevan Eggleton - Director / Consultant

Steve was educated in Ripon, North Yorkshire firstly at St. Wilfred's RC Primary School and then Ripon Grammar School. Studied at Aston University until 1982 before beginning his career in computer system implementations.

1982 - 1988 worked for Nation, Wilcox & Associates Ltd a small family run firm supplying systems to the Insurance and Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable markets. During this time converted existing software to the newly available PICK operating system and database structures using Databasic and Creator (a 4GL)

1988 - 2002 worked for Sanderson Computers, later Sanderson Group, Sanderson Ltd etc. - started as Analyst Programmer and worked through the ranks to Senior Analyst, Project Manager, Customer Support Manager, UK Customer Services Manager (South) until being made redundant during the MBO, restructuring and subsequent break-up/sell off of the group. During this time contributed and wrote much of the PICS/UNITY product still available and being sold today on the many flavours of multi-valued database platforms available.

2002 set-up ITMCS supplying services to many clients on short / long "Part-time" contract basis. Offering expertise, skills and independent knowledge on any aspect of PICK type databases or Sanderson ERP products.


ITMCS may from time-to-time co-opt, refer or subcontract specialist work if and when necessary to third party contractors or companies but only with full agreement with the client.